Facilities Manager

Don, Facilities Manager

In my capacity as building facility manager, I have had to use the services of many different contractors. Although each contractor is a specialist in their field, it is always easier when one diverse contractor can service my account. Dealing with one service provider gives me simplistic billing, one point of contact and experienced technicians all under one roof. WTC Communications provides me skilled knowledgeable tradespeople which makes installation and repairs to either my phone, burglar alarm systems, security video surveillance systems or internet connections headache-free. WTC provides excellent customer services. I have found that once WTC equipment has been in installed, WTC has always followed up with a quick service call to ensure their work has met my expectations. WTC is always there for 24/7 service, which I might add, is extremely fast in answering and solving any issue that I may have, whether it be as simple as user error or equipment failure, WTC has always provided the services.