Power Play Centre

Corrina Zinck, General Manager, Power Play Centre, Kingston

Motivated by the opportunity to deal with a local service provider for our phone lines and high speed internet, we started researching our options.
Google Search brought us to WTC and we have yet to look back!! They set us up with a second line when we were told by our existing provider that they were unable to do so without charging us an astronomical fee Then WTC provided us with a cost comparison showing us how we could save a few hundred dollars per year, even with the additional line. WTC then gave us their word that they would provide us with personalized service second to none and a monthly statement that didn't require a Masters degree to decipher.
The consultation was done in person by Amber Graham who left my office leaving me with hope that Power Play Centre would be satisfied if not thrilled with the decision to change our service provider in support of feeding our local economy!
Since the decision I have a number of opportunities to experience the WTC customer service promise and have yet to come away from the experience less than satisfied!
I have dropped into the office and was met with enthusiastic professional customer service, leaving with the distinct feeling that my business was appreciated. I have called into their office and met with the same personalized customer care, quickly transferred directly to a live help desk who patiently walked me through my issue, resolved the issue and followed up to ensure I was satisfied. Had the opportunity to experience a service call that left me satisfied and yet again that my business was appreciated.
The monthly statements are not a quiz but straight forward and easy to decipher what services we are paying for, just as promised.
Power Play Centre is proud to have WTC as our phone and high speed internet provider. Coupling that with the opportunity to support local business makes it easy for us to recommend WTC!