HSS Hollingsworth Supply Services

Robert Hollingsworth

Almost one year ago, we (Hollingsworth Supply Services) switched our telephone and internet service to WTC. I would like to pat everyone on the back at WTC that has worked with us to get our services up and running.

We of course have had a couple of burps in service over the year. Mostly due to changes in our business with computers and new phone systems. That being said, the level of service we have received is second to none! When I did phone in for help I spoke with Clark. He knows me by name, and when I left a message for IT support, he or another attendant ACTUALLY CALLS ME BACK. (something our previous provider cannot seem to grasp).

As far as I am concerned, the IT and phone service is second to none in the Kingston area. Our sales rep Christine, showed us how easy it would be to switch. She made one sales call to our location and we were sold on her straight away.

Neil, was our installer for the phone lines and internet. Wonderful guy and very well educated on how to set up a new system. After he installed the lines, he then made sure our computers were working with the internet.

Recently, we decided to add security monitoring to our business. We had another supplier contact us and give us a quote. After this we called Mark from WTC. He spent over one hour explaining how the system will work and be installed. The information was very detailed and even a newbie could understand how it will work. We ended up signing with WTC again. The decision was easy after speaking with Mark. The technician that installed our system was again fantastic! I believe his name was Jeremy. After he was done the install, he showed us how to operate the system and all has been well since.

Here, at Hollingsworth Supply Services, we pride ourselves in customer service. We take the time to understand our customers needs, and then provide the information and/or products to make their business better. WTC, has the same company mission statement I am sure.

Thanks to all the employees of WTC. You have made our business better by becoming a part of it. I am very happy to say that we use WTC for our services.