WTC Commercial WiFi:

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Built for Business


Designed specifically for high-demand locations, the Ruckus interface is both incredibly powerful yet easy to use and administer. Set it up to serve one location, or connect offices miles apart.

Increased productivity: Even if you don’t allow guests on your WiFi network, installing WTC Commercial WiFi allows your employees to work from any location in your facility, rather than being restricted to just one workstation.

Customer loyalty: Not only do customers appreciate and expect WiFi, but the flexible Ruckus technology allows you to deliver targeted messages—splash screens, special promotions—directly to customers who are already at your location.

On-board analytics of in-store traffic patterns allows you to identify where customers are in your business. Ideal for service-based industries that rely on prompt customer contact.

Allows mobile point-of-sale (POS) to be used both inside and outside of your facility, with no dropped connections or need to change access points.

Optimized for IP-based video cameras and video streaming capability.



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