MasterCard to bring facial recognition payment software to Canada

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Starting this summer, Canadian MasterCard holders with smartphones will be able to pay for their online purchases by taking a selfie or stamping their fingerprint on the screen instead of punching in a pin or a password.

The payment card company says it plans to roll out the technology in Canada, after successful pilot programs in the U.S. and the Netherlands

ColdFusion websites need updating by May 1st

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Beginning May 1, 2016, WTC will no longer support ColdFusion 5 or ColdFusion MX versions 6, 7 or 8.

Adobe has recommended users upgrade to the newest version of ColdFusion MX to maintain better performance, increased security, greater reliability and support for modern web standards.

Oh, look, another scam!

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Yes, the scammers sure are active these days. This one popped up this morning: No, you don't have malware on your computer, please don't call the number, and a representative will not provide you with anything you need. Close the page and hope it goes away forever. As always, if you're unsure about any promotions, pop-up windows or suspicious emails you receive, check out the article link at the end of the story, or contact our Technical Support Team.

Project Spartan is Microsoft's new web browser for Windows 10

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As rumored, Microsoft will be introducing a new default web browser as part of Windows 10 — and it's not Internet Explorer.

The new browser, dubbed Project Spartan for now, represents a new era for Microsoft and its web browsing efforts.

Where the heck is hockey? Navigating this year's NHL broadcast schedule

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Looking for Leafs? Searching for Sens? There is more NHL hockey than ever on TV this year, and it’s on a lot more channels. Here is a quick guide to understanding when, where, and how you can access your favourite teams.