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ColdFusion websites need updating by May 1st

What's New

Beginning May 1, 2016, WTC will no longer support ColdFusion 5 or ColdFusion MX versions 6, 7 or 8.

Adobe has recommended users upgrade to the newest version of ColdFusion MX to maintain better performance, increased security, greater reliability and support for modern web standards.

Project Spartan is Microsoft's new web browser for Windows 10

What's New

As rumored, Microsoft will be introducing a new default web browser as part of Windows 10 — and it's not Internet Explorer.

The new browser, dubbed Project Spartan for now, represents a new era for Microsoft and its web browsing efforts.

No worries! New Unlimited Data plans now available

What's New

Watch a lot of Netflix, play online games, or download a ton of music? Or does your home WiFi also get used for your family’s smartphones, tablets and laptops? Then you’re likely concerned about exactly how much data you’re using every month.
Based on feedback from our customers, we’ve taken the worry out of your online activity. Our new Unlimited Data plans allow you to surf, play or watch without the concern of going over your monthly data limit.

Worried about Heartbleed? You should be.

What's New

All at once, it was a global crisis. And it's not over yet. WTC Technical Support has received many concerned inquiries from customers about this new online security threat. Let's talk about two main points:

1. All of WTC's systems and servers have been assessed and patched where required to protect against Heartbleed. That's the good news. But it's not the end of the story.

New virus and spam interface tools now in My Mail Tools

What's New

You now have a brand new interface for viewing your quarantined mail with our new Mail Tools. Our new Barracuda software will take the place of Postini, which is being retired by its creator, Google.

While the security features and your login details will remain the same, the screens you'll see will be changing. Here is a brief overview:

Login Screen: