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New virus and spam interface tools now in My Mail Tools

What's New

You now have a brand new interface for viewing your quarantined mail with our new Mail Tools. Our new Barracuda software will take the place of Postini, which is being retired by its creator, Google.

While the security features and your login details will remain the same, the screens you'll see will be changing. Here is a brief overview:

Login Screen:

Cellphone network failure spotlights importance of keeping landline telephones

What's New

The day-long nationwide failure of Rogers Communications' cellphone network on October 9th brought into focus the importance of access to a plain old landline telephone in the case of emergencies.
When a software glitch caused a widespread outage for Rogers customers across Canada, even Rogers themselves urged their customers to locate someone with a dependable landline in case they needed to make an emergency call.

Yep, it's spam! Watch out for this new email

What's New

Keep a watch out for this spammy email now being distributed to many of our customers:
From: WTC Team
Subject: Notification
We detect spam-like activity in your webmail account, which is against our
Acceptable Use Policy.
Kindly click here <http://ft1.info/wtcverification> to verify that you're
the owner of the account and not a spammer.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
WTC Team

Email scam alert: WTC customers please read

What's New

A phoney "phishing" email is being sent to many of our customers, with the subject line, "Notice from WTC Communications," and claiming that "Your e-mail will expire soon." This is an email scam, designed to obtain your account information. It was not sent by WTC Communications. Please do not reply to this email, or click any links contained within the email.
Below is the text of the email:

Subject: Notice from WTC Communications

Dear User,
Your e-mail will expire soon.

Five reasons why you should consider a wireless security system for your home or business

What's New

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a home robbery occurs in North America every 12 seconds. And while there are many security system options available in the market today, here are five reasons why a wireless home security system may be your best bet for peace of mind around the clock—and around the world.