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10 tips to protect yourself from internet "phishing" fraud

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WTC is warning its customers to be vigilant—and suspicious—when disclosing information about their accounts to outside parties.

The most popular mobile apps of 2011

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Toll Fraud: How to protect your business

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WTC is warning its business customers to be on the lookout for unusual activity on their business phone lines, as the occurrence of illegal toll fraud is on the rise.

Toll fraud occurs when hackers are able to access your phone system, and invisibly use your phone lines to make long distance calls, usually to international destinations. Often, the first time the illegal activity is noticed is when you receive a whopping long distance bill at the end of the month.

Five daily must-dos to keep your business humming

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One of the realities of running your own business is the need to nurture it every day.

When you’re not an employee who can punch the clock at 5pm and then walk out the door, the responsibilities are non-stop. If you quit moving, the business can grind to a halt.

That doesn’t mean you have to work all the time, but it definitely means keeping the pedal to the metal.

Here are some important, if not fundamental, things that should be part of your daily to-do list:

1. Keep the sales machine humming

Social media not taking wind out of email’s sails

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By Mark Evans,

Special to Globe and Mail Update.

With the rise of social media and text messaging, email is losing its value, cache and utility.

Or so the thinking goes.

But here’s the strange and interesting thing: Despite proclamations that email is dying, the fact is quite the contrary.

In fact, email seems to be getting strong and more embraced even though people are also communicating via social media services such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.