Five reasons why you should consider a wireless security system for your home or business

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According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a home robbery occurs in North America every 12 seconds. And while there are many security system options available in the market today, here are five reasons why a wireless home security system may be your best bet for peace of mind around the clock—and around the world.

1. Install anywhere – A wireless interactive security system is much simpler to install than a traditional wired system. For starters, there's no hassle with running wires and the chances of drilling holes into walls, ceilings, woodwork or concrete are slim. The installation of a wired system can be time consuming and invasive. Also, when choosing to go wireless, the motion detectors, door and window sensors and other equipment products are easy to place wherever you want to keep track of activity. 

2. Flexible options – For decades, security systems have often been a costly investment that only property owners could justify. Not so today. Wireless systems are so convenient to set up that even as a renter the assurance that your residence is secure with a top of the line system is available. Plus, there's an added benefit of easy portability enabling homeowners and renters alike to take the complete system with them when moving to a new location. With a wired system, if moving, you're out of luck.

3. Less vulnerable – Traditional wired home security systems expose you to vulnerabilities associated with the power grid, phone lines, or Internet connections. That means whenever there's a line cut or power outage a wired system becomes inoperable. Wireless security systems are not vulnerable to such scenarios and also have battery-power back-up that continues to keep the home secure even when the power is out. Not only are wireless systems resistant to savvy criminals cutting phone and power lines, some also protect against "crash and smash attacks" and are able to alert monitoring stations even if the security panel is damaged or destroyed. 

4. Whole home solutions – Wireless systems utilize wireless communications over dedicated, secure networks making them ideal for both homes and vacation properties without a landline. Thanks to today's technology, most wireless security systems also offer activity notifications and system alerts that keep you aware of what's happening at the property. Today, there are even options to control your lights, temperature and door locks remotely, using your computer, tablet or smartphone.  

5. Simple to troubleshoot – If there is an issue that needs attention, it can most frequently be identified and fixed by the installer remotely. Over-the-air system tools enable quick troubleshooting access to the system to find the cause of the problem, without even needing to schedule a technician's visit. Also, many wireless alarm systems do their own troubleshooting and pro-actively notify you of the problem component, such as low battery alerts for wireless sensors.

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