Where the heck is hockey? Navigating this year's NHL broadcast schedule

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Looking for Leafs? Searching for Sens? There is more NHL hockey than ever on TV this year, and it’s on a lot more channels. Here is a quick guide to understanding when, where, and how you can access your favourite teams.

What WTC TV channels are carrying NHL hockey? We carry over 20 channels broadcasting NHL games this season, and most of them are included in your basic WTC TV lineup. We've grouped our dedicated sports channels together beginning at channel 400 for SD, and 1400 for the same feed in HD. But there are other channels—which are not exclusively sports-oriented— that will also be carrying some NHL games, such as City, CBC or NBC. Check out the chart below to see which channels will be broadcasting NHL games throughout the season. To quickly see what’s on tonight, your WTC TV on-screen guide shows games up to two weeks in advance, so you can program your PVR to record an upcoming game with just one button.

Blackouts: The NHL prohibits broadcasters from airing certain games in certain parts of the country. These blackout rules mean that based on your location, you might be seeing a different game than someone in a nearby community. The NHL determines these geographic "zones" and applies the blackout rules accordingly.
Most WTC TV customers are in Ottawa Senators territory, so you'll see more Sens games than ever before. But customers in Inverary are in a different NHL broadcast zone, and will see more Toronto Maple Leafs games on their schedules. To find out which zone you're in, just go to this link and enter your postal code to see which games you'll have access to.  Games which are blacked out in your area will show "Blackout" both on the on-screen guide listing and when trying to tune in the channel at game time.

How will I know which channel is carrying a game? You can preview the broadcast channels of every NHL game here. Keep in mind that even though a certain channel may be listed as airing a game, the game may be blacked out in parts of our broadcast area. To be certain, consult your on-screen guide for the most up-to-date information.

On the NHL.com schedule, you'll see the broadcasting networks listed by their initials. Here's a guide to where to find them on WTC TV:

Channel InitialsChannel NameSD ChannelHD ChannelUnless indicated, included in your WTC plan
CBCCBC102, 1221102, 1122 
CITYCity TV1101110 
FX-CAFX Canada6451645In our Movies Theme Pack
HNICHockey Night In Canada102, 1221102, 1122Usually CBC. Check your on-screen guide for the most up-to-date information
RDS (French)RDS9501950In our Sport:French Theme Pack
RDS2 (French)RDS 29511951In our Sport:French Theme Pack
SNSportsnet420-4251420-1425May vary among Sportsnet channels
SN1Sportsnet One4251425 
SN360Sportsnet 3604051405 
SNESportsnet East4201420 
SNOSportsnet Ontario4211421 
SNPSportsnet Pacific4231423 
SNWSportsnet West4221422 
TSN3TSN 34031403 
TSN4TSN 44041404 
TSN5TSN 54001400 
TVA (French)TVA9031903 
WGNWGN181 N/AIn Best and Ultimate plans, and Movies & Superstations Theme Pack

HD channels are included in Best and Ultimate plans. To upgrade your plan to include HD channels, contact us.

We hope you enjoy this year’s NHL season! Please contact us if you have any questions or need any help with WTC TV.