New virus & spam interface tools now in My Mail Tools

What's New

You now have a brand new interface for viewing your quarantined mail with our new Mail Tools. Our new Barracuda software will take the place of Postini, which is being retired by its creator, Google.

While the security features and your login details will remain the same, the screens you'll see will be changing. Here is a brief overview:

Login Screen:

Enter your email address and your current email password exactly as you do to log in to your email account. Next, you'll be directed to your Quarantine Inbox, where you can view suspicious mail in a safe environment.

Using the Preferences tab, you can also permanently allow or disallow senders. By listing an email address on your "Blacklist," it will be prevented from reaching your Inbox. Similarly, assigning an email address to your "Whitelist" allows a sender to always reach your email inbox. You can list as many email addresses as you like to either your Blacklist or Whitelist.

Under Quarantine Settings, you'll be able to turn your spam filtering on and off, and adjust the frequency of your spam notifications.

Spam and virus filtering is included free on one email address, and can be added to other emails for only $1.50/month. If you have any questions about using our new Barracuda spam service, contact WTC Technical Support.