Oh, look, another scam!

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Yes, the scammers sure are active these days. This one popped up this morning: No, you don't have malware on your computer, please don't call the number, and a representative will not provide you with anything you need. Close the page and hope it goes away forever. As always, if you're unsure about any promotions, pop-up windows or suspicious emails you receive, check out the article link at the end of the story, or contact our Technical Support Team.

From February 18, 2015:

No, this ISN'T from us! Imagine our surprise when this pop-up survey started appearing yesterday! Be aware that scammers will go to any lengths to get you to click—even impersonating your internet provider! Of course, don't click on it, and if you need some brushing up on your spam and fishing detection skills, check out this article and if you still have questions, WTC Technical Support will be happy to help.