Watch out for SCAM emails - They're NOT from us

WTC News


WTC customers have alerted us to a scam email that’s been going around.
The sender has masked their name as ‘WTC Communications” however, this isn't us!

If you ever have questions about whether a webpage or document is legit, contact WTC Technical Support and we'll help you out.

We've had people wondering how the scammers know that you're a WTC customer. It's actually quite easy. As an internet provider, we use IP (internet protocol) addresses which are publicly-registered, meaning that there is a directory naming WTC Communications as the owner of specific IP addresses. When we send your internet traffic over these IP addresses, it's easy for the scammers to identify the traffic as coming from us, and – bingo! – you get a realistic-looking message on your screen.

If you're interested in how this all works, check it out here and here.