WTC warns toll fraud attacks against businesses on the rise

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One of the worst things that can happen to your business is to be a victim of toll fraud. Invisibly, hackers can penetrate your business's phone software and hijack your account to use as their own long-distance network. The worst part is that you don't find out until you receive a staggering long-distance phone bill.

Unfortunately, these types of attacks against business phone accounts are on the rise. To protect our customers against these attacks, WTC has disabled outgoing international calling for most of our business customers. While our records indicate that only a small fraction of our business customers make outbound international calls, all business customers are vulnerable to toll fraud. This action affects only outgoing international calls: incoming calls from around the world will continue to be routed through to your business.

If your company requires the ability to make calls outside of North America, please contact WTC's Business Support Solutions team at or call 613-507-9222 and we will remove the blocking of outbound international calls instantly, at no charge.