What to expect with WTC Gigabit Fibre

Before you upgrade to WTC Gigabit Fibre, it's important to understand that there are hardware and software requirements that will affect the speed you're able to attain. Let's look at what you'll need to get the fastest speed that Gigabit Fibre can deliver.

Can my computer handle Gigabit speed?

The fastest speeds will always be from a wired connection, where you've plugged your computer directly in to the Gigacenter unit that we'll install in your home. If your computer is equipped to handle Gigabit speed, you can expect to get up to 935Mbps. Most computers manufactured after 2009 are equipped to handle Gigabit, however, they'll also need an Ethernet connector. If your computer doesn't have an Ethernet port, you can get a USB-to-Ethernet adapter…but it must be USB 3.0, and your computer must be USB 3.0-capable in order to get the top speeds. Not upgrading your computer yet? This chart shows what speeds you can expect from a wired connection with an older computer setup:



If you're connecting your computer directly to our Gigacenter, make sure you're also using a Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable, which are rated for Gigabit speed. A cable comes with our Gigacenter, or you can get one at any electronics retailer.


What speeds can I expect over WiFi? Will my laptop or tablet be much faster?

Again, it depends on the age of your device (phone, tablet, laptop) and its capabilities. To get the fastest speeds, your device's network adapter (sometimes also called a wireless card) should be version 802.11ac which is capable of up to 585Mbps on WiFi. If your device's network adapter is 802.11n, expect 90-180Mbps. Not sure what one you've got? The most common devices are listed here along with expected maximum speeds. If you have any questions, contact WTC Technical Support and we'll help you figure it out.


Will web browsing be a lot faster?

While you may not notice a dramatic difference when loading standard webpages, where Gigabit Fibre really shines is in data-intensive activities such as downloading movies, playing games online, or having multiple connections running all at once. For example, with a 20Mbps connection, downloading an HD movie takes about 32 minutes. With Gigabit Fibre, you'll download that same movie in about 30 seconds.

But increasingly, families are choosing Gigabit Fibre not only for the raw speed, but for the increased bandwidth, which allows a huge number of devices to be connected and running smoothly all at once. With Gigabit Fibre, you'll have no problem watching multiple Netflix HD movies on different devices with no speed lag or buffering. Online games will be smooth with very low latency (generally less than 10ms), and your connection will be able to handle all of your family's smartphones, mobile gadgets, streaming boxes, and household internet-connected devices with ease.

Can I use my own router with Gigabit Fibre?

WTC Gigabit Fibre requires the use of our Gigacenter unit, which is capable of both wired and wireless connections. The Gigacenter is included with your WTC Gigabit plan.

OK, I'm ready! What's next?

Simply pick a plan, and get ready to experience WTC Gigabit Fibre!